John Quast

2Sure4Risk is an independent consultancy that provides training, coaching and consultancy services on SSHE&SP (Safety, Security, occupational Health and Social Performance) to organisations, mainly involved in the International Oil and Gas business.  2Sure4Risk is based in the Netherlands and operates worldwide.

Specific areas of expertise are:

  • SSHE&SP control frameworks. Development and implementation. Including  SSHE&SP  policies and procedures.
  • SSHE&SP cases. Identification of the major SSHE&SP risks, development of controls. Implementation strategy
  • SSHE&SP Audits and reviews. Audit protocols, Audit programmes, leading (or participating) audit teams. 

Our expertise is based on some 30 years of field experience, including managing the execution of large integrated drilling projects projects, the development (and implementation) of SSHE&SP control frameworks, as well as the planning and execution of technical and  SSHE&SP   audits across all upstream and downstream processes, such as drilling, production, refineries, chemical plants, retail, supply an distribution, project management.

SSHE&SP Audits and reviews

We make use of existing assurance processes and protocols of customer’s organisation to develop an assurance programmes and detailed audit plans in preparation of an audit. Depending on the wishes of the customer SSHE&SP Audits and reviews can be either compliance or riskbased. If needed, support can be provided for the development of the assurance process and protocols based on customer’s SSHE&SP control framework, prior to execution of an audit.